Special Purpose Acquistion Token (SPACT™)

"Blockchain and tokenization are creating conditions for investors worldwide to buy assets decentralized anywhere securely. It is known as the “democratization of investing.” STOs or secure token offerings are estimated to generate more than $5 Trillion in capital from now to 2025."


A regular Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a corporation formed for the sole purpose of raising investment capital through an initial public offering (IPO). Such a business structure allows investors to contribute money towards a fund, which is then used to acquire one or more unspecified businesses to be identified after the IPO.

SPACT™ structuring is a “secure token offering” or an “STO”, that is  decentralized version with certain features of a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), also known as a “blank check company”. The special purpose acquisition company is a type of investment fund that allows public stock market investors to invest in private equity type transactions, particularly leveraged buyouts. A SPACT™ is for similar nature, however only focus to go through the digital asset path for Security Token Offering (STO) in the licensed and decentralized security token exchanges. 


SPACT™ (Special Purpose Acquisition Company Token™)

SPACT™ service to make it more profitable for the investors. SPACT™ (Special Purpose Acquisition Company Token™) is an entity created by private individuals to facilitate investment utilizing an STO (Security Token Offering) that represents a SPACT™) structure, optimized to be used in the digital asset ecosystem for issuing security tokens and formulated for Capital raising through Security Token Offering (STO), the new structure, namely – SPACT™

Create exponential growth and ROI for investors using a combination of conventional Capital and digital asset ecosystems, maximizing shareholder value through digitized security exchanges with 24/7 liquidity. 

Spact end-end

Our decentralized platform allows you to digitize virtually any asset, providing the infrastructure and complete ecosystem required for running your security token offering campaign. In addition, upon your request, we’ll create a digital investment marketplace with a P2P network for investors and a built-in exchange to allow the global trade of securities. No brokers are required—no need in the secondary stock exchange. Decentralized swap platforms allow small- caps to be traded with minimal costs. Enjoy being public while staying in a private company

  • A Company using a SPACT™ platform creates a compliant security token. 
  • There are two paths to capitalize the company SPACT™.
  • a. First, through the acquisition of Liquid Assets: a. Raise funds through STO, then use proceed to acquire assets, companies. 
  • b. Sponsors to inject Capital and assets to companies SPACT™., then raise funds through STO to repay Sponsors.
  • The market value of SPACT™ is directly co-related to the book value of the company SPACT.
  • SPACT™ represents a company equity-back digital share in tokenized format. The Liquid Assets proportionally back the token on a thoroughly audited, totally transparent balance sheet. Higher Liquidity (Global + 24x7)
  • The market value of SPACT is directly co-related to the book value of the company SPACT.
  • SPACTS will be traded at licensed and decentralized STO exchanges in multiple countries, pairing with major fiat currencies, top crypto-currencies, and stable coins.
  • SPACTSs are developed to comply with US security law - Reg D 506(c) and Reg-S.™ International based on the domicile or desired infrastructure. 
  • Company SPACTS will be minted upon Capital or asset injection. The value of the SPACT™ token issued for circulation is determined by Proof-Of-Value (POV) and Know-your Asset (KYA )models. That will support the market liquidity of the token
  • SPACT™ Tokens are built on Ethereum network with ERC20 standard infrastructure and new upgrade standards of Ethereum Additionally developing QUBIT Blockchain® and working with other blockchain protocols.
Spact Structure

The Evolution of Finance

SPACT in the crypto field ensures investors gather funds to buy a blockchain project and sell it at a higher price to make more income. Further, investors are given transparent and impartial information about where their funds are invested.


Convergence between decentralized and traditional finance 

STO Launchpad is an 
end-to-end tokenization platform combining a technology solution with crucial compliance and legal aspects consulting.

STO Launchpad
STO Launchpad is an end-to-end tokenization platform combining a technology solution with crucial compliance and legal aspects consulting.

Compliant Token Issuance Assistance
Identify Compliant purchasing platforms for security tokens, payment tokens, or utility tokens. Accelerate go-to-market, prospectus, and legal documents with QDefi Consultants. Along with Corporate structuring Internationally. 

Security Token Management
Management of Security Tokens on the Blockchain, including smart wallet whitelisting and real-time cap-table aka token holder register. Smart contract development, audit, and token generation.


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