Security Token Offering Services 

"Blockchain and tokenization are creating conditions for investors worldwide to buy assets decentralized anywhere securely. It is known as the “democratization of investing.” STOs or secure token offerings are estimated to generate more than $5 Trillion in capital from now to 2025."


OVERVIEW - Building bridges between traditional finance and blockchain technology. We enable digital securities, which are easier to own, more straightforward to manage, and faster to trade.

We provide essential infrastructure to digitize tangible assets. So you can use them to buy, sell, trade, borrow or lend instantly, across the world, 24x7.

QDeFi Infrastructure focuses r financial (fintech) and capital markets. The QDefi infrastructure offers end-to-end digital services to transform illiquid and liquid assets such as real estate, private companies, startups, sports, technology, Equity/debt, and collectibles into digitized funds on the Blockchain. In addition, the infrastructure serves as a platform to global investors and opportunities to qualified individuals QDeFi services consult to ensure that the entire operation is secure, legal, and compliant.


Security Token Offerings (STO)

The STO is fundamentally a regulated offering of digital securities using blockchain technology. The transformation encompasses the creation of digital blockchain tokens. The digital blockchain tokens created (“coined”) can be transferred, bought, sold, and destroyed (“burned”) based on the smart contract rules of their blockchain.

Our decentralized platform and licensed exchanges allow you to digitize virtually any asset, providing the infrastructure and complete ecosystem required to run your security token offering campaign. In addition, upon your request, we’ll create a digital investment marketplace with a P2P network for investors and a built-in exchange to allow the global trade of securities. 


Benefits of Security Token Offering

Spact Structure

Real Value

Security tokens are real monetary instruments that assign token assets. Similar to any current traditional market instruments, security tokens may provide rights in:

1. Virtual or physical assets possession

2. Profit-sharing

3. Financial responsibilities

4. Dividend Responsibilities

5. Direct or Indirect involvement in the administration of the organization



Security Token Offerings is completely contrasting since security tokens are considered “Tokenized Securities” by the vast majority of the regulators with some crypto guidelines set up in place.

Thus same traditional securities laws apply for security tokens. It suggests that an organization that issues security tokens must comply with the security guidelines and regulations thoroughly. 



By utilizing security tokens, the issuer can showcase its deal over the web to almost anybody. In addition, it increases the valuation of the resource and prompts large financial investors.

Since the issuer company can approach anybody on the web, its financial investor base will increment exponentially and will not be pigeonholed into a specific spot. 

Spact Structure


Blockchain follows a unique method for verifying and tracking data and prevents tampering with it because of its inherent immutability.

With these qualities set up, it turns into an ideal foundation to store responsibility entirely and securely. In addition, it is making reporting and inspecting a lot simpler, assisting with fraud prevention, mispricing, exchange, and outsider control. 


Process Improvement 

Security tokens are built utilizing blockchain innovation that permits transactions executed within a short period. For example, trades on a blockchain are settled surprisingly faster within days. Improved settlement and removal of 3rd parties are some of the benefits of the security token innovation.

Security Token Offering Services

1. Security Token Creation: After carefully analyzing your business requirements and various aspects of your business, we deliver token solutions accordingly. Our tokens are created in compliance with the SEC Guidelines and the country’s regulations. Along with Corporate structuring Internationally. As a result, we deliver compliant digital security tokens:

a. SPACs into Digital Securities Tokens - Special Purpose Acquisition Company Tokens (SPACT).
b. Private Equity into Digital Securities Tokens.
c. Equity/Debt into Digital Securities Tokens .
d. Venture into Digital Securities Tokens .
e. Start-ups into Digital Securities Tokens.
f. Real Estate into Digital Securities Tokens.

2. STO Whitepaper Development: Whitepapers are an essential part of the development process. We provide you with relevant and extensively researched whitepaper services with a high level of authenticity to attract investors. In addition, we are providing a roadmap and reliability to your project.

3. Token Issuance Portal: We offer STO portals to conduct token sales along with the investor’s dashboard. You can also manage the investor’s details, KYC/AML, and other fundraising details.

4. STO Website Development: Our team of experts will develop a website and landing pages exclusively for STO, enabling the token sale and encouraging investors to get started quickly.

5. Multi-currency: We support the investment with multiple currencies. Investors can buy tokens through fiat currencies such as Euro or US dollars or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

6. KYC Verification: To be aware of any unauthorized access or transaction, we also provide you with the KYC “Know Your Customer” service

QDeFi STO Launchpad

QDeFi STO Launchpad is an end-to-end tokenization platform combining a technology solution with crucial compliance and legal aspects consulting.

Compliant Token Issuance Assistance
Identify Compliant purchasing platforms for security tokens, payment tokens, or utility tokens. Accelerate go-to-market, prospectus, and legal documents with QDefi Consultants.

Security Token Management
Management of Security Tokens on the Blockchain, including smart wallet whitelisting and real-time cap-table aka token holder register. Smart contract development, audit, and token generation. is our partner


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